Distraction Material
Mon 1 Oct 2018
8:28 PM


Wilkommen! Today is the first day of October and here we are, the bI’reS’. After previously using this domain name for a massively unfunny web comic and a few years of delays, I have decided to start my blog; a space for idea development and learning. The main goal being to develop my writing ability, consistency and prolificy.

It will primarily be filled with long format articles about all branches of STEM. (I do not like that acronym as it dumbs down many complex and fascinating topics into one neat package, but I will sellout and use it.) Although be aware, I cannot promise that nothing else will end up on here as well.

Today is also the first day of Inktober. An entire month dedicated to creating a drawing or cartoon each day. It is a habit building exercise and I have watched from afar most years but this year I aim to participate. I will post some of the drawings and comic strips that I draw over the coming month.